Billing policies

Policies for Julie Graves Moy, MD, MPH, PA 

Updated February 20, 2017

Discounts for medical services to uninsured or indigent patients

Patients are expected to pay the full amount of Dr. Graves’s charges for medical care she provides. 


Dr. Julie Graves is happy to provide estimates of the cost of a proposed medical service if requested by an uninsured patient, a patient not covered by a government program, or an insured patient seeking out-of-network, as required by Texas law.

Exact charges may vary from the estimate based on the patient's condition and other factors; the actual charges may differ from the amount paid by the third-party payer; the patient is expected to pay for the amount not paid by health insurance.

Health plans are also required by Texas law to estimate the amount an insured patient will pay for proposed services if requested.  For in-network services, Dr. Graves asks that patients inquire with their health plan.

Billing information

Patients are welcome to have an itemized statement of the charges for professional services within one year of receiving care. Texas medical practices are allowed 10 business days after the request to provide this statement.  Also, upon request, Dr. Graves’ practice will provide a plain language explanation of charges previously made on a bill or statement. If ever Dr. Graves’ practice becomes aware of any overpayment by a patient, she agrees to refund this amount within 30 days of becoming aware of this situation.

When billing patients for out-of-network services, Dr. Graves will itemize services provided, along with the date of service. The bill will state in plain language that the physician is not in the patient's health plan network, and that the health plan has paid a rate below the actual cost of the service and the physician's billed amount.  The statement will include a telephone number for Dr. Graves' billing agent who can discuss payment issues, including alternative payment arrangements. 

Billing statements greater than $200 over any applicable co-payment or deductible will state in plain language that the Dr. Graves will not furnish adverse information to consumer reporting agencies regarding amounts owed by the patient if the patient finalizes a payment plan agreement within 45 days of receiving the first statement.

 The above provisions apply only to business conducted by Julie Graves Moy MD MPH PA.