Charity Care Policy

for Julie Graves Moy MD MPH PA 


Dr. Julie Graves will sometimes deliver care to patients who are financially indigent and unable to pay for the care and services provided, or who are uninsured and do not have a third-party payer to cover expenses. Upon proof of those circumstances and at the discretion of Dr. Graves, this practice may reduce the charge as a charitable community service. In all circumstances, Dr. Graves is committed to delivering quality medical care.  This policy is intended to comply with the provisions of Texas Occupations Code Chapter 101.



·        At all times, the dignity and confidentiality of the patient or patient’s authorized representative requesting charitable care will be protected.


·         All patients requesting charitable care will be referred to the billing agent, who will address the payment arrangement with the patient.


·         The billing agent, in consultation with Dr. Graves if necessary, will decide whether the patient requesting charitable care has a real need for free or reduced fee care. The billing agent will confirm that any applicable physician manuals and/or contracts are reviewed to ensure the practice follows any procedure that may be demanded by a particular insurance carrier when granting charitable care to a patient who has coverage through a third party payer but who is financially indigent.


·         The billing agent will ensure that the patient is asked if any source other than the patient is legally responsible for the patient’s medical bill (e.g., Title XIX, local welfare, guardian, other insurance).


·         Upon establishing that a need exists, the billing agent will have the patient requesting charitable care to provide proof of financial need.


·         The fact that the patient is receiving charitable care will not be indicated in the medical record.


·         Upon future hospitalizations of the patient, the billing compliance officer will reevaluate the patient’s need for charitable care.


·         Charity care will be reserved for those with true financial hardship.

These provisions are only effective for the private practice Julie Graves Moy MD MPH PA.