What is a Hospitalist?


A hospitalist is a medical doctor who cares for patients while they are in the hospital.  

Most hospitalists are family physicians or general internists.  Dr. Julie Graves Moy has been a board-certified family physician since 1989, and has been a hospitalist and emergency medicine doctor since 1999.    Like most hospitalists, Dr. Moy practices only in the hospital, and does not have an office practice.  

Hospitalists are similar to emergency medicine doctors, in that both see patients only in the hospital, and both communicate with the patient's primary care doctor and specialists about the medical conditions treated in the hospital. 

Why has your primary care doctor referred you to Dr. Julie Graves Moy?

Many Austin area primary care doctors have chosen to focus on their office practices, which allows them to devote their full attention to you when you need care in the office.  Dr. Moy accepts referrals from primary care and emergency room doctors who have determined that a patient needs more care in the hospital.

Some health insurance plans, including some Medicare plans, required hospitalist care. 

Please let Dr. Moy know to which doctors you would like for her to send your hospital summary.

For more information about Medicare plans which require hospitalists, call 1-800-MEDICARE or visit this web site: http://www.medicare.gov/publications/pubs/pdf/hospitalist.pdf